The Web Orchard

I started out as a junior web developer at The Web Orchard where I was introduced to Drupal and WordPress, quickly learning the ropes and taking guidance from the more experienced developers. Working at the Web Orchard pushed me to work closely with my team to meet the wide range of criteria required by a variety of clients. Below are a few examples of my work while at The Web Orchard.

Autarki Urban Clothing

Metropole Hotel & Spa

Connect Plus M25

GKN Wheels & Structures

Wrekin Spirit

The Insure Life Group

Air Spectrum

Burrows Little


At Glideology, most of our work requires the signing a non-disclosure agreement, therefor at this time, I am unable to publish much of my work externally. The work involved at Glideology included developing web applications using JS, PHP and similar technologies, developing online solutions for clients on a much more interactive level.

European Caravan Club

Monofuel Systems